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If you haven’t already, read through this site to learn more about NachoKids. It will also give insight on the NachoKids Method and what our group is about.

The Facebook group is to provide help for those who are struggling in the blended family. The ultimate goal of the NachoKids Method is to build a relationship with your step kids, but not to parent them. It’s not easy and not for everyone, so if it’s not for you, that’s ok.

This is a closed group and we try our best to only add people who are truly looking for help. However, the internet is the internet, so for your own safety, lock down your Facebook page.

Our Facebook group has hundreds of members learning to successfully thrive. Members are always in different stages of their challenge, so you’re bound to find others who have been where you are. You are not alone!

Group Rules:

  • Don’t share screenshots of this group anywhere.
  • Don’t be rude.
  • Don’t curse like a sailor. Keep it a bit classy. Abbreviations for curse words are preferred.
  • Don’t try to pick a fight. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. You can state your opinion but don’t be judgmental. We have enough crap to deal with as step parents.
  • If you don’t like someone’s post, simply block them. Simple.
  • Remember, everyone’s situation is different and that is to be recognized and respected.
  • If there is concern for a child’s safety, please contact an admin immediately. We do not condone any form of child abuse.
  • We reserve the right to allow or not allow anyone into this private group, with or without reason.
  • We reserve the right to kick or block anyone, with or without cause. Just don’t cause problems and you have nothing to worry about.

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