Do you dislike your stepkids? Be honest. No judging here. I felt this way. Of course, I was afraid to tell anyone how I felt because of the backlash I knew I would get! They got on my nerves so bad! They would constantly leave messes everywhere. Their dad wouldn’t tell them to do stuff because he didn’t want the time he had with them to be him always fussing at them or telling them what to do. They wouldn’t listen to me. They tore up my stuff. They complained about my cooking. They lied about me all the time. They deliberately tried to destroy my marriage. Heck, they even got the in-laws on the hate the stepmom bandwagon! They were mean to my son. If they weren’t leaving him out, they were bullying him. No matter what went wrong in the house, it was either my fault or my sons. I hated it! I hated them! I didn’t know what to do. Things were good when they weren’t here, but the moment they came back, it all went to crap again. I felt my marrying their dad was not only a bad decision on my part, but it was hurting my son! Oh, and believe me, we didn’t have “fantasies” that the blend would be easy, but the reality was a shocker!

So, what do you do when you do not like your stepkids? Do you give up on your marriage? Do you just scream at them constantly? Do you just complain to their bio dad all the time? Do you move out and try to continue a relationship with your significant other while living in two different homes so you aren’t around “his” kids?

I want to share with you what I did. I want you to learn to not dislike your stepkids! I want you to eventually learn to care about them and hopefully love them! It took time and discipline on my part, but the results were amazing!! If you want to learn to like your stepkids, join the Nacho Kids Academy and we will guide you through the steps to better your blend!


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