The Nacho Kids Podcast

Interview with Laura Petherbridge - The Smart Stepmom

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United States2019-07-155Luvlee2688A game changer!This podcast has been so affirming to my feelings and role as a “step girlfriend”. I cannot wait to apply some of the NACHO tips provided. The guest interviews have not only been informative but also entertaining! I love the honesty of the hosts and appreciate their self-awareness. Excellent podcast!
Canada2019-07-125Tracy PoiznerThese guys are the best!I love listening to everything Lori and David have to say on the subject of step-parenting. Do yourself a favour and listen up!
United States2019-07-015KeleveyGreat resourceThis podcast is my current favorite. I love the whole philosophy of letting the parent parent and letting the stepparent help the parent as needed, otherwise serving as a cheerleader to the parent and stepkids. I like reading about the tips, and hearing David and Lori brings it all to life, like a friend is giving you personal advice and insight.
United States2019-06-295LalalaglaglaSo helpful wish I’d found it soonerStep parenting can be so isolating most of the time with most people not really understanding what it’s like to be a step mom. Stumbled upon this podcast and “binge listened” to all the episodes in one sitting. So much of it was incredibly validating. I can’t wait for future episodes!
United States2019-06-285Stepfamily In NCFunny & InformativeIt takes skills to talk about a subject as taboo as family problems, then to make it entertaining and informational too... AMAZING! This two crack me up with their humorous bickering. It's great to hear there is hope when so many stepfamilies don't see a way that can happen. Keep up the great work!

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