How Many Last Names Are There In Your Blend?

Is your last name the same as your significant others? Is your last name the same as your bio kids, or what about your stepkids? Do you have any “ours” kids that have your same last name? Most blended/stepfamilies have different last names under the same roof. Some have many!

My son is the only one that had a different last name. It bothered me! I didn’t want my son to feel left out, or as if this wasn’t his home because his last name was different. And I surely didn’t want a big sign in the yard with everyone’s last name but his. I would think that would make anyone feel excluded. So, we didn’t have the pretty architectural letters of our last name framed. We didn’t send Christmas cards with “From the Sims'” and we surely didn’t send any that said from the Sims and then my son’s name. We went with “Love, David, Lori, & The Boys”.

School and Last Names

At school, it was a little unavoidable. There were four stepkids and my son. They would call out, “Sims boys and (my son’s name), your ride is here”. I couldn’t very well ask them to call out all the kids’ names. I don’t know that my son even noticed it, but I did. Oh, and calling the school as mom with a different last name than your kid… “Hi, this is Lori Sims, (insert kids first and last name)’s mama.” I always feel like I’m telling a story of my life by divulging all this information.

What can you do?

Don’t have things around the house with the married last name, like”The Sims'”. Instead, make a list with everyone’s name! Don’t buy the big “S” to put on your front door representing your family name if your kid’s last name doesn’t start with an “S”. Maybe you could buy something for your kid’s room with thier last name or last initial. When you all go out to eat and they ask for your last name, give them a funny fake name. I know, that sounds nuts, but it can be fun and create a bonding opportunity with everyone because you aren’t verbally segregated by last names. Try to consider everyone doesn’t have the same name before decorating with last names.

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