While celebrating Mother’s Day with my son and my husband, the subject of their not being a step daddy’s day, or step mother’s for that matter, came up.  Then of course I started thinking, there should be one!  

The “brick wall” in me quickly determined that would just be setting yourself up for disappointment. The more I thought about this, the more I think there should be a step parents day.  Many step parents play vital roles in their step child’s/dren’s life, and in some cases even more so than the non-custodial biological parent.  

Step parents shouldn’t be recognized on the traditional Mother’s/Father’s Day because they aren’t the traditional parent, so there is no other option than to create another holiday… or 3!  Nacho Mama’s Day, Nacho Daddy’s Day, and Nacho Kids Day 🙂

– Written by Nacho Mom

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