The Family Court system is not somewhere you strive to go. Unfortunately a lot of people end up there because of divorce or child custody hearings. Throughout my many years in and out of the court system, I have learned five very important things.

  1. It’s an extremely stressful and costly journey to prepare and go to court.
  2. Lawyers are not your friends.
  3. There are many, many hearings, trials, meetings, and blah blah blah before you get to the final hearing.
  4. The laws are not black and white in Family Court; it all depends on the judge and his personal views. Yep, his personal views. His impression of each of you. His personal experiences. His childhood. His marriage. His divorce.
  5. The final hearing decision can be appealed. Again, costly financially and emotionally.

Advice: Go to a mediator. Preferably before you hire an attorney. Use the attorney for filing papers, not fighting the fight. It’s not worth the money, stress, or time to fight back and forth. The more you argue, the more money the lawyers make. And judge’s like to make sure no one leaves their court getting everything they want.

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