Time Flies

I cannot believe we’ve been in the “blend” for almost 10 years! Woohoo! We did it! Thankfully, we did not end up being a blended family statistic! At one point, we were as close as we could be to becoming one of the statistics, but we made it through it! We are surviving and thriving in the blend!

This year, David and I will be married for ten years! Of course, that means I’ve been in my stepkids live’s for over a decade which is half of their lives! Sometimes, I think back at how far we have come. We have definitely come a long way!! The struggles we went through have given us a stronger appreciation for each other and blended families. 

The Journey

Throughout the last decade, we have gone from a newly married couple with what we felt were “realistic” expectations of the challenges we would face to a mix of angry, resentful, and hurt people. And the saying is true, “Hurt people hurt people!” It was a disaster!! At the “last stop before divorce”, unbeknownst to us at the time, was the birth of the Nacho Kids method. We had discovered the “unconventional” way to make it work! And it changed my life and our blend! The Nacho Kids method is why we didn’t become a statistic of the blend!

You can get there too!

I look at us now and want this for you. My stepkids have moved out and they are currently 20, 19, 19, and 19. Over time, I came to love them. I love them not only because they are my husband’s kids, but because of who they are. And no, I don’t love them the same way I do my son. They aren’t my kids. It’s a very different kind of love. Too many stepmoms feel pressured to love the stepkids like their own, and we are here to tell you, it’s ok to not “blend” like a nuclear family because you aren’t!

I never thought I would say I was thankful our journey wasn’t easy peasy and we had to work for it,  but I am. Because our journey was difficult, it led us to the opportunity to help other blended/stepfamilies by sharing the Nacho Kids Method! 

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