step mom

I have found good things about being a NachoMom!!! There are several positives to being a NachoMom (stepmom) or NachoDad (stepdad)  I know several of you are thinking, yeah right or rolling your eyes. For example the other day NachoKid4 made a comment about not wanting to go to school. My response, being the wonderful NachoMom I am, was “You know if it was up to me, you wouldn’t have to go to school.” Clearly his dad would never let him stay out of school because I said he should, but it’s fun picking on them about being my NachoKids. As a NachoMom I can tell them if it was up to me, they would never have to do homework. There is kind of truth in that, because the homework thing can be a nightmare… another “story”.

Another positive thing is, you know how parents will say “your child or your kid” when the child has done something wrong? Well, NachoParents can say that all the time and it never gets thrown back to you. They can’t come back when their kid does something wrong by saying “Your kid…”. LOL

I also like when your stepkids or NachoKids do something crazy, you never hear “they get it from their stepmom” or stepdad. Actually, I have to admit I do hear that because I say it. When my son starts acting crazy or silly, I say he’s acting like his NachoDad.  Gotta blame someone, right?… it is surely not because of me!

What’s a benefit you can think of to being a NachoMom or NachoDad?  

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