Why can’t I have anything?!?!?  Oh goodness, I sound like my mom!

I am a middle child.  I have a sister 5 years older and one 5 years younger.  Growing up we learned if we wanted something for ourselves to either claim it or hide it.  My mom would always hide food from us.  She always had a stash of the Little Debbie Nutty Bars.  I never really knew why she hid those from us.  I didn’t really like them anyway.  After I grew up and moved out, I never really had roommates per-say that bothered my stuff.  Except this one time this dude roommate used my toothbrush!  OMG!  Ooh, can’t even think about it.  So anyway, if I bought something from the grocery store, I expected it to be there when I went to use it.  Makes sense, right?

Wrong!!  Big wrong!  You go to the pantry looking for that one special item that will satisfying your craving and you see it.  There it is… your mouth is starting to salivate as you can just taste it…  like a Snickers bar on your “skip” day during your diet… You reach for the box and … Wait, that feels a little light…  WHAT?!?!?!  It’s empty!!!  At this point the salivating over the food I was about to indulge in, it turns into foam…  Yep, I am foaming at the mouth and irate!!!  Who had their grubby paws on my Peanut Butter Captain Crunch??  They know better.  Those step kids are always getting into stuff they know is not for them.  Like stuff for school lunch/snack… Stuff like my cereal!!!!!

I am fuming!!!!  There is actually a double whammy here…  My pet peeve, one of the one’s that really sends me into a tailspin is empty food boxes in the pantry.  If you use the last of something, throw the box away or put the cereal container in the sink and write on the grocery board list what we ran out of.  That way we can replace it.  Simple, right.  Oh heck no!  How am I supposed to know we are out of something if the pantry is full… full of empty boxes!!!  Apparently my crystal ball is supposed to inform me… maybe there is an app for that… So, now we all know, if you want to see me switch to the evil one, let me go get the frozen waffles out of the fridge and it be empty….  Bam!!!  Like somebody hit me with a two by four!

The second thing that makes me so irritated and angry with this scenario is, that was my cereal!  Yes, I know I am an adult and I am quite capable of driving to the store to get more.  However, that is not the point.  As childish as it may seem, I need to have my own stuff.  Something that I know is mine and won’t be messed with… whether it’s a box of cereal or a granola bar.  If I have set it aside, it is for a reason.  My son and NachoKids know the top shelf in the pantry is for school snack and my work snacks.  Well, of course the step kids will get what they want from there anyway.  When I catch them, I ask them and remind them it’s not for them.  I really feel like I sound childish about this as I type it.

It boils down to this, in my opinion, every person needs to have something of their own that nobody else is supposed to bother.  I don’t go eat the NachoKids (step kids) Halloween candy or candy out of their stocking at Christmas.  They would freak out worse than I do, I can promise you.

So, to help myself out in the food I chose to do the following… I do not anticipate the waffles being in the Eggo box in the freezer.  I do not expect the Captain Crunch box to have cereal in it, even though it’s in the pantry… When I pick up the box and there is food in it, Surprise!!! I’m happy!!  Well, that is not always true because then there’s the issue of whether the food was properly closed before putting back in the box…  Unwrapped food in a pantry or freeze to me is the equivalent to someone smacking me.  It just takes my breath away that someone can’t close a bag.  I guess the bag closing fairy never came to my house.  We had the “Mama will whoop your tail” fairy.  You don’t close food back properly; you would feel it and not be so quick to forget to close food back.

Ok, so since I have matured so greatly and am working on the NachoKids theory, if I pick a box up and there is nothing but air…  I make a grunt or other horrible noise but then I say to myself:  OMG that drives me crazy!!!!  … how many times do I have to tell them???  Then I say… what good would it do to mention to their dad?  What good is it doing me getting all ticked off because of cereal??  Not a whole lot but…  I can do one thing.  I can do something without saying a word.  I can label the shelf!!!  Yep, it is labeled with Do Not Touch Anything on this Shelf!  It worked… with a little gentle reminder of “You want me to go eat all your gummy bears?”…  That usually results in them taking off running upstairs.

Who knew making my little sign would help so much… Do you know why it helps?  Because they can’t say they forgot!  Kids can be so forgetful, we have to help their memory sometimes.