After some major downs in our attempts to blend our family, we went to a counselor.  After a while, he kept telling me, “They are not your kids.”  At first I was like, this man is crazy!  Then the emotional side of me kicked in and since I am an “all or nothing type person”, I jumped to the “you are telling me not to love these kids”?  We discussed this a bit and I still was not convinced this counselor hadn’t fell off his bike too many times.  For the next several hours/days, I thought about the Nacho Kids theory.

It sounded crazy when I first heard it and most people seem to have the same reaction… but with an open mind, one can see the benefits of the Nacho Kids theory as well as the fact of, that’s what they are… NACHO KIDS!

Open your mind to looking at your step children as your friend’s children and you are, for lack of a better word, baby-sitting.  Basically, that’s what the scenario is.  Your spouse/partner is your friend and you are watching their kids and helping them out.  Think about it and take the emotional part of trying to “raise their kids” out of it…  ponder on it…

– Posted by Nacho Mom