My son and my Nacho Kids are blessed with a lot of toys/things at our house.  However, in our home, there seems to be an issue in how things are viewed by those involved when it involves gifts or what I call “special outings” or vacations take place.  My husband and I are both conscious of our spending.  So for us to take all the kids to a theme park, even with season’s passes, is not inexpensive in our opinion.  We have a large family, so miniature golf costs us almost 100 bucks.  We try to do things that are inexpensive, such as fishing, geo-caching, etc.  We do have ATVs that we all can ride and they weren’t cheap, but we try to spend our money wisely.   Back to my point of this blog… my child is spoiled and has way more than he should, I know this; however,  if I want to buy my son something, I feel guilty for not buying for all.  But I can’t because, they are Nacho Kids… If I can afford to buy all of them the same thing and I think they want it, of course I buy it.  My NachoKids are, let’s say blessed more than most, with their special outings and vacations with the Biological Mother.  But again, that is not my issue to deal with, because they are my step-kids as in step back… remember they are Nacho Kids.  And my poor sweet baby can just keep dreaming about those places, just kidding… I’ve convinced him to wait until he graduates high school and we will go to London instead.  It won’t cost much more than going to the mad house to see ”The Mouse”.

Anyway, what I decided to do was, I do not give my child something in front of them or when they are with us.  I don’t want to hurt their feelings.  This doesn’t stop them from complaining about it but giving it to him in front of them would be just mean.  When they do question my son’s gifts,  my response to them initially (the defensive one) wants to remind them what they get to do that he doesn’t, but they aren’t going to see that.  They just see here and now.  And, they know he goes to his dad’s every other weekend and several weeks in the summer, but they do not see that his dad doesn’t shower him with costly gifts, vacations, outings, etc.  Remember, they are kids and all they see is, “He got this and I didn’t.”  Well, unfortunately, that is life and it is especially life in our house.  I can’t control what anyone else does with their child and making recommendations is not a wise idea.  LOL.  One thing is for sure, it is a life lesson the children will be forced to learn at a young age.  I do not think it is a bad lesson to learn, more of a harsh reality.  I guess we really don’t outgrow it completely, when one of my friends gets something nice, I still think, “But I want one”  

I try to take those opportunities and remind the kids on a constant basis that we are “rich”.  We are rich because we are loved, we are healthy and we are blessed and material things do not make who we are.  No, your child won’t get it now.  They would much rather live in one of the houses on Selling LA or Selling New York, but at some point they will remember and hopefully realize/feel why they are also rich.  Think of all the people that love and support them and know them now   Blended families, extended families, step-families, adopted families have extensions of love to protect them and care for them.  I love my son and my Nacho Kids and I know my husband loves his Nacho Kid too!

– Nacho Mom

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