We try as a family to eat dinner together.  Unless we are eating spaghetti and I don’t cope well with slurping 🙂  We take this time to usually cut up about things, nothing serious. 

A counselor told us to have weekly family meetings.  We haven’t been able to maintain the weekly part but we have had family meetings.  But there is no doubt, family meetings MUST include everyone in the home.  The Biological Father, the Step Mom, NachoKids and any “joint” children.  There should never be a meeting without everyone present.  This prevents “he said, she said” to the parent not present.  Even when talking to the Biological Mother, the NachoKids can’t say “Step mom said “blah blah blah”” if Biological Father was present at meeting.

Notes on the meeting:

  • Make it light hearted
  • Set meeting time limit (may not be needed)
  • No i-Phones, i-pads, or other distractions allowed at meeting
  • Approach it with a family spirit, not a “the kids need to or haven’t been…” attitude
  • Make them feel like a team
  • If something isn’t working well in the home, give them the opportunity to offer solutions
  • Give everyone a chance to talk but do not make any person feel as if they are put on the spot
  • Respect to be shown to all – no pointing fingers, no calling names, no hollering…
  • Remember:  constructive criticism is not hurtful… it’s all about the delivery of the message

Some of our meetings have turned into some of the most entertaining discussions, so don’t be afraid of them… this is not a business meeting; this is about the family unit sitting down talking to each other… I would have never have found out how silly my NachoKids (and my son) were if I hadn’t spent time with them… and I love their silliness!!

– Nacho Mom

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