So, if these are NachoKids, does that mean you shouldn’t know what’s going on with them?  For example, should I be informed of the kids’ school grades?…  Should I be informed of their “plans” while they are with us that week?…  Should I be informed if the NachoKids have issues with me?… Should I be informed if meetings are held with the NachoKids about me or my bio-son?…  Should I be informed??… Thank you for asking because YES, I do believe I should!


Sometimes it seems hard for men to understand women’s need/want and need to know things… we want to know if you had lunch with a friend… we want to know if you ran into one of our friends somewhere and talked to them… we want to know if the NachoKids are going to be with us as planned or if something has changed…  “Why do you care”  They may ask.  First of all, women have a tendency to talk about their day and chatter more, so we pretty much tell everything (shocking, I know!) but there is also more to it.  If women do not know something and find out at a later time, sometimes they have a tendency to think things are being kept from them or things are “not their business”… neither of which fairs well.. and has the potential to lead to trust issues.


Privacy = secrecy = untrust  Trust is important in any and all relationships.  Just because these are NachoKids, that doesn’t mean that your life is separate from theirs or vice versa.  You are still a family unit and secrets should not be kept within family.  (With the exception of the wonderful Step mom’s gift I will get one day 🙂 )


What do you think?  Do you think you should be informed of things regarding NachoKids?  Do you think it’s none of your business and if you need to know, you will ask? 


– Nacho Mom

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