Being a stepfamily has many great and positive characteristics.  It also comes with a difficult and very different set of challenges.  I’ve taken the liberty of listing my Top 5 Good & Bad things about my experience in a stepfamily.  


Top 5 Good:

1 – More people to love Laughing

2 – Allows my son to be a brother and I only had to birth one child!

3 – We have enough people to play kickball!

4 – We have a lot of Goodwill donations

5 – We can all laugh hysterically together


Top 5 Not so good:

1 – Getting groceries is pure exercise!  Our “Blended Family” resulted in us having 5 kids!  Yep, I’m crazy!

2 – Hard to have family traditions when holiday schedules alternate.

3 – Can’t make everybody happy has a whole new meaning in a step family…  You are lucky to make the majority happy.

4 – Having to find out the hard way what we were trying to do was never going to work.

5 – I miss the children when they are not with us… NachoKids and all Laughing


What can you add to either list?  What do you find great about your stepfamily life?  What do you find challenging?  Share your comment below… (under “Leave a reply”)

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