Christmas is over and the New Year is approaching. Christmas is a very difficult time for many people, especially for blended families. With blended families, there are so many more people and feelings involved. 

Here is a list of 10 things you need to let go of today and move on.

  1. You didn’t get a gift or a gift you liked/wanted/asked for from your significant other.
  2. The fact the stepkids were not appreciative of their gifts. They didn’t even say thank you.
  3. The in-laws didn’t treat your kid(s) the same as their biological grandkids in regards to gifts this year.
  4. The stepkids didn’t get their bio parents a gift.
  5. You think your significant other spent too much money on his kid(s) this Christmas.
  6. No gift was given to you by the stepkids.
  7. The stepkids didn’t hang out with you and your significant other for Christmas, they just came to get their gifts and left.
  8. There were complaints by the stepkids about their gifts or their not getting enough gifts.
  9. Your significant other doesn’t care but you don’t think the stepkids should be able to take their gifts from your house to their other bio parent’s home.
  10. You just do not enjoy Christmas holidays because of the stress and the nine examples listed above.



You can’t change any of the above things. What you can change is how you carry it with you from this point forward. And the best thing to do is DON’T! Drop it! Leave it in the past. Focus on the present and future!


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