NachoKids is not disrespectful to anyone. It’s not ignoring the stepkids or neglecting them. It’s not punishing their bio parents.

Is it disrespectful to avoid situations that can cause arguments?

Is it disrespectful to shut the door to the messy bedroom of stepkid so it doesn’t start a fight?

Is it disrespectful to not parent a kid that’s not yours?

Is it disrespectful to not take over the responsibilities of the bio parent?

Is it disrespectful to expect the bio parents to do their job and parent their kids?

Is it disrespectful to bond with the kids in a “cool aunt” fashion rather than evil stepmom?

What IS disrespectful is being treated like a maid, baby sitter, taxi, etc. and not being appreciated or even acknowledged.

Stop creating your own misery. It’s hard, but you can do it and be less stressed!

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