OpenmouthI just realized something.  It was kind of obvious, now that I think about it, but I still can’t believe it!

I am constantly reading something about blended families.  I read Facebook group member posts, I read professional articles, books.  One thing I have noticed recently is more people posting about the BM (Biological Mother).  As I read these stories, I would think to myself “Yep, sounds just like my NachoKids mom” or “I can definitely relate to that”.

We have so many struggles (most of us) with bio-moms.  From them not parenting like we think they should to, to the way they baby their kids, to the way they deal with their exes (our significant others), to the way they look at us, you name it… they are not what we think they should be!

Recently I was reading a post by someone talking about the bio-mom’s doing this and that.  All of a sudden something weird happened.  It hit me like a lightning bolt or a spinal tap (for some reason lightning reminds me of the pain i suffered during a spinal tap years ago).  I am a bio-mom!  So, more than likely, I am being talked about by my exes current squeeze.  I don’t blame her for thinking bad of me.  Think about it, she only heard “his side” of how pleasant and wonderful I am, I mean how I am “a you know what”.  I can only imagine what that poor chick has been told about me.  No wonder she looks at me with eyes of the devil.

Yep, I can tell you I’m the one that fought for child support for my son.  Yep, I fought to have full custody of him and for his bio-dad to have standard visitation.  Yep, I fought him when he tried to hold me in contempt of court on crazy charges.  Yep, I continue to “bother him” and “ruin him financially” (as he would say) by asking him to pay his half of “his” son’s medical bills. So, all that’s true.  But if you phrase it as I am a money hungry skank that just wants to make his life miserable, then you are a bit off mark.

Yep, I’m a BM and proud of it!

It is all about perception…  I hate perception and the saying “perception is reality” drives me nuts.  I won’t go off on that tangent right now.

To all you bio-moms, remember when reading about a BM in a post on Facebook, you are a BM to someone too!  Enjoy!

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