hair pulling

This is not a bible study blog nor is it a religious blog. It is about an event. We attend a church that is approximately 45 minutes from our house. Not that our destination changes the dynamics of the ride. With five kids in the car, by the time you get to church, you definitely need some “religion” because you probably lost it at least in your mind at some point on that trip. (Losing your religion meaning – had bad thoughts got angry, pouted, complained, etc… You know the normal car ride for an extended period of time with five kids!)

Someone is always too loud, someone is always messing with the other’s stuff, someone is always aggravating someone else, and someone is always laying on someone else as the other screams “get off me!” It’s a NachoKid all out war sometimes it seems. I know several times people have had to pass us on the road and think they saw the exorcist in the passenger side of our car… That was me, yep, I was trying not to scream at them, so with all the pressure, my head just started spinning. And then there were other passersby that saw the car yanked over on the shoulder of the road so David could threaten the kids like our parents used to do to us. Those were the good old days. NOT!

I am so glad those days are over. The rides might not be like riding on a magic carpet quite yet, but they are definitely to the point that I don’t feel like I have to stay for two church services just to cover me on the way back home for what I might think or say. LOL

What’s the most stressful part of your day with the blended family?… any car ride, extended trips, dinner time, bedtime,???

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