Level 1 – Basic Nacho:

Certain task(s)/duties/responsibilities are Nacho’d.  Not often communicated to the bio parent as being placed into practice.  It’s a bit more subtle. This is also the beginner’s level or the method that just simply works for you and your household.

Level 2 – Nacho Grande:

Stepping back considerably and placing so much more of the parenting roles, duties, and responsibilities where they belong… on the bio parent. This level should be communicated to the bio parents as not to encourage the common misconception of what your role actually is as the step parent vs the role they “think” you should play.

Level 3 – Nacho Supreme:

**Note:  Communicating the implementation of this level is crucial to the health of your relationship with your significant other.

Stepping back.  ALLLLL the way back.  As in… You’re only there to make sure the stepkids are healthy, safe, your home doesn’t get burnt to the ground by stepkids, etc. You’re merely a hands-off person, uninvolved, unless utterly necessary/unavoidable adult figure who’s home the stepkids reside in while present.  All interactions with stepkids’ Bio Mom(s)/Bio Dad(s) are left solely to your significant other. All decisions (not involving you) are left to your significant other. Not your circus. Not your monkeys.

You can float fluidly through the levels as the need changes.  You find the balance you need. You find the size nacho you need on any given day.  

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A big thank you and credit for the Nacho menu given to Christina D., a fellow Nachoer.

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